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30KW Bi-Directional Converter



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Power supply mode of distributed generation and energy storage microgrid becomes an inexorable trend in the construction of future charging station, it drives the development of high power and frequency bi-directional converter technology.

Gospower New Energy pushes out the first 30KW Bi-Directional Converter which is based on BiDeepGreen technical platform in the world, with multiple technology patents. Now the Bi-Directional Converter has become the preferred core equipment for the construction of charging and energy storage integrated charging station. 

This product may be applied for battery ladder.

Product Features:

  1. Single set of hardware plus self-retracting digital control model
  2. High frequency separation, full digital control technology
  3. Islanding protection technology
  4. Small size, high power and efficiency

Application Field: New energy resources automobile production field, chargeable battery production filed, especially apply to the energy-saving and technology upgrade.

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